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    August 24th, 2013

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Welcome to Surrogacy Together.

Our Mission is to share inspiring stories about the Surrogacy community with the world.


  • We will educate and advocate for Surrogacy by sharing our uplifting, compelling, and empowering personal stories.
  • We will share stories about our successful Surrogacy journeys and our happiest moments.
  • We will create a visual story through our Photo Campaign sharing “What Surrogacy Means to Me” with the world.
  • We will host events to educate future Intended Parents and Surrogates about the process and how to get started.
  • We will provide financial grants to individuals and couples that otherwise would not be able to move forward with Surrogacy.
  • We will host annual Celebrations to share our joy with everyone that has helped us Co-Create our “Families through teamwork.”




Success Stories

What if Surrogates we’re real people?

What if Surrogates we’re real people? For most people Surrogates are like unicorns. They believe that they are a mythological creature that doesn’t really exist. However, if they do exist they a
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I felt like a Surrogate

  A few weeks ago I felt like a Surrogate. Or at least what I think a Surrogate must feel like. I’m not going to be pregnant for the next nine months, but I helped a couple move down the long roa
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A Different Kind of Surrogacy Team

A Different Kind of Surrogacy Team If you’re like me you came to Surrogacy with a plan. A mission to have a baby or help someone have a baby. You did your research. You joined a team. You developed yo
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Surrogacy Storytelling #1: How did you get started with Surrogacy?

Surrogacy Storytelling #1: How did you get started with Surrogacy? Every story has a beginning. This is where you introduce yourself and explain how you joined the community. This is a story that I wr
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Meant To Be!

  Brief bio of self and family: I am a married, working, mom of 3 beautiful girls….ages 12, 9 and 5. Hubby and I have been together about 15 years and we have a dog and a cat. My girls and
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